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Hama 8x Loupe

Hama 8x Loupe
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Price: £7.16
Availability: Available
Model: 8x Loupe
Manufacturer: Hama
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When sorting through your slides the task of deciding what you want to keep and what you want to discard can be quite daunting if you don’t have the right equipment. A slide viewer is great for such a task but for people on a lower budget there is a brilliant alternative: The table magnifier from Hama.

Simple yet effective the table magnifier will enable you to pick out any discrepancies with your slides. You should always have a magnifier at hand if you want to check details (when sorting e.g. slides on a lightbox). Important details can thus be considered in advance stopping you from going to the trouble of getting a slide framed if it is not up to scratch.

The magnifier allows you to quickly and effortlessly organize your slides without going to the trouble of haing to use a projector. Unflattering slides are consequently not presented during important lectures or presentations, leaving you looking professional instead of embarrassed! Small and compact you can easily store your magnifier in your desk draw or away in a cupboard without it taking up too much room. Make life easier by sorting out the good slides from the bad before you frame them or project them in a presentation.

Standing magnifier 8-times
- Round 45 x 50 mm Ø
- Lens 24 mm Ø
- Individually blister packed

Magnification Factor
8 x
Standing Magnifier
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Hama 8x Loupe
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