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Hama Projector Table 30x40cm

Hama Projector Table 30x40cm
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Price: £67.99
Availability: Available
Model: Projector Table
Manufacturer: Hama
Average Rating: Not Rated

Give your projector a stable place to sit with the Hama projection table

Your expensive projection equipment deserves more than the balancing act of a pile of boxes or books, which can be very unstable and also look extremely unprofessional. Eliminate your balancing problems by investing in a high quality projection table.

The Hama projection table is adjustable, enabling you to get the best range of image height and therefore optimum viewing. Sometimes work takes us to other companies to give presentations, sometimes the facilities at these companies are very limited, you can always be prepared with the Hama projection table which can be transported easily so that you can always look like a professional.

The stable structure which can hold up to 10kg of weight can house your projector and laptop without breaking a sweat. Your laptop can be easily accessible meaning that you don’t have to commit the common faux pas of reading your presentation straight form the projection screen. The projection table takes up limited space making it easy to store in the office so that it is ready to go whenever you are. With the Hama projection table you can say goodbye to the pile of wobbly boxes and be prepared for any situation.

- Height 102 cm
- Holds up to 10 kg
- 2 platforms
- One platform and one leg are adjustable for alinement of the projector

30cmx40cm Table Height 102cm Max weight capacity 10 kg

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Hama Projector Table 30x40cm
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Hama Projector Table 30x40cm
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