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Ohnar Digital Slide Duplicator C-1334

Ohnar Digital Slide Duplicator C-1334
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Price: £89.99
Availability: Available
Model: Digital Slide Duplicator
Manufacturer: Ohnar
Average Rating: Not Rated

OHNAR Digital Slide Duplicator

For film and digital cameras, 52mm filter thread

This Slide Duplicator screws into the 52mm filter thread of film or digital cameras (up to 62mm with optional step-up rings). 52mm Since most modern compact cameras now have automatic white balance, you can virtually use any light source to illuminate the slides for copying.

What you can do with a duplicator

  • Best results are obtained with well exposed, low to medium contrast slides.
  • Filter effect can be added by placing suitable filters between camera and duplicator.
  • Create more drama in video presentations by using the zoom lens to home-in on the centre of the slide and so creating a sense of motion.
  • Add sound to your photo presentation by using the Audio Dub feature on your camera.
  • The lens of the Digital Duplicator can be used as a +10 close-up lens.
  • Stepping Ring for your camera filter thread can be obtained from:
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Ohnar Digital Slide Duplicator C-1334
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