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Hama Remote Control Release for Panasonic

Hama Remote Control Release for Panasonic
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Price: £15.36
Availability: Available
Model: Remote Control Release
Manufacturer: Hama
Average Rating: Not Rated

Become picture perfect and capture fantastic images with this remote control release from Hama.

The remote control release gives you up to 80cm range. Therefore, it is the perfect solution if you are a professional photographer and want to capture the image whilst observing from a distance e.g. with animals, you can keep a close eye on the animal with your camera without having to be too close and scaring it away!

Effectively the control mimics the operation of the camera from a distance allowing you to take long exposure pictures without having to worry about camera movement. The remote control release from Hama is lockable for shake-free long-term exposures in order to give a great, high-quality finish to images.

In addition, the release trigger provides a 2-stage release (auto focus, release) to provide you with the opportunity to be able to take professional looking images with a superior level of focus and definition at the click of a button. Give yourself more flexibility and allow for a wider range of photographs with the remote control release from Hama; no photos have to go untaken due to proximity anymore. Compatible with a large range of cameras, it is a must have for any keen photographer!


Pa-1 Specification:

- Equivalent to DMW-RS1
- Two-stage release button (autofocus, release)
- Lockable, for shake-free long-term exposures (bulb)
- Suitable for: Panasonic Panasonic FZ20/ FZ30/ FZ50
- Length: 80 cm
- Colour: black

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Hama Remote Control Release for Panasonic
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